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Click picture to jump directly to shopping cart!The First Edition/First Printing of Wally P's new book, Back to the Basics of Recovery will be released this month (February 2016).  We will distribute books to those who purchased pre-publication copies first.  Because of the large number of pre-publication orders, we will be publishing a First Edition/Second Printing very  soon.  If you are interested in a First Edition/First Printing, please order as soon as possible, because copies are limited.

Back to the Basics of Recovery is a 2016 version of the 1946 Back to Basics A.A. Beginners' Meetings, specifically rewritten for use in treatment centers, aftercare facilities, half-way houses, recovery homes, correctional facilities, and various Twelve-Step fellowships.  The material has been modified to include all addictive and compulsive behaviors and the "Big Book" passages are gender neutral.

In addition to the four Back to the Basics of Recovery sessions, the book contains twenty pages of either new or updated handouts that explain in detail how to take the Twelve Steps "quickly and often."  Now that more than 700,000 people have been through the process, we know, beyond a doubt that, "It works, it really does."

  • AA The Greatest Spiritual Movement of the Twentieth Century (Volume 2)

    This is one of the most informative, revealing, and educational presentations Wally P. has ever made.  It contains a treasure-trove of historically accurate source documentation that the Twelve-Step community has not had access to before now.

    This workshop was held in Boca Raton, FL on February 20-21, 2016.  It is only the second time this six CD set has ever been recorded.  Click here for CD information.

    SonCoast Community Church

  • Announcement!!!

    FWWPCO has just received a new Spanish translation of the Back to Basics book.  We have Maria R., from the San Diego area, to thank for making this translation for free.

    Time permitting we will distribute this new Spanish translation in early 2016.

  • New! - Back to the Basics of Recovery Meeting Leader Guide.

This Meeting Leader Guide is a 2015 version of the 1946 Back to Basics A.A. Beginners' Meetings, specifically rewritten for use in treatment centers, aftercare facilities, half-way houses, recovery homes, correctional facilities, and Twelve-Step meetings.  The guide has been modified to apply to all addictive and compulsive behaviors and all "Big Book" passages are gender neutral.

This 150 page, three-ring binder contains all the materials necessary to take people through the Twelve Steps "quickly and often". PowerPoint slides are available to enhance the recovery experience.  This is truly a program for "anyone or everyone interested in a (new) way of life".

This format is time-tested and effective.  Wally P. and others have been using this material for more than fifteen years to take hundreds of thousands through the Steps in seminars and workshops.

The five sections of the Meeting Leader Guide are:

  1. Session 1: Steps 1, 2 and 3.

  2. Session 2: Steps 4 and 5.

  3. Session 3: Steps 6, 7, 8 and 9.

  4. Session 4: Steps 10, 11 and 12.

  5. Handouts: Twenty-two pages of materials for the attendees, including a simplified version of the Fourth Step inventory along with a detailed explanation on how to take Steps Four through Nine.

  • The Meeting Leader Guide has been renamed to avoid confusion between the two Twelve-Step formats:

Back to Basics: 1946 A.A. meeting format. (Original Format)
Back to the Basics of Recovery: 2015 format for all addictions.
(Modified Format)

  • The Tourniquet

Please keep in mind that Back to Basics is just the beginning of the recovery process.  It has been described by many as the "recovery tourniquet."  It was put together by Dr. Bob and many of the A.A. pioneers to "stop the bleeding" long enough for the newcomer to recover and subsequently take the Steps in more depth and detail.

See the article by Kristen McG. Click here for a copy of the article (now in PDF format)

  • Back to Basics AA Group Guidelines

Click on the links to download a PDF version

  • "New" (1945 Version) of the Assets and Liabilities Checklist

    If you need copies of the rewrites for the 8th edition of the "Original" Meeting Leader Guide (the yellow cover), pages 79-80, 91-94, and 99-100, and the PowerPoint rewrite of pages 1-36, you will need to contact us at:

        Faith with Works Publishing Co.
        P.O. Box 91648
        Tucson, AZ 85752-1648

    ... or call us at: (520) 297-9348

  • Updated Versions of Back to Basics and How to Listen to God Books now Available

The Back to Basics and How to Listen to God books have been updated.  The 1945 Fourth Step Assets and Liabilities Checklist has been incorporated into the Second Edition / Ninth Printing of the Back to Basics book.  If you would like to update your old B2B book (pg. 80, pg. 91-94, pg. 100, pg. 185 and pg. 186), click here.  Cut the downloaded pages to 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches and paste them over the old pages.  Now you have a Second Edition / Ninth Printing of the B2B book.

If you would like to update your old How to Listen to God book (pg. 199, and pg. 230-237), click here.  Cut the downloaded pages to 5 ½ x 8 ½ inches and paste them over the old pages.  Now you have a First Edition / Twelfth Printing of the HTLTG book.

Due to increased printing costs, we have been forced to raise the list price of the Back to Basics book from $14.00 to $16.00 and the list price of the How to Listen to God book from $18.00 to $19.00.  Since most people purchase these books at the wholesale price, your increase will be only half the retail price increase.  We appreciate your understanding in this manner.  Although we continue to lose money every month, we are hopeful this price increase will get us closer to break-even so we can continue our life-saving work.

We would like to thank all those who have made donations to Faith with Works Publishing Company during the past year.  You have truly allowed us to keep the "doors open and the lights on." If you would like to help, either click here for more information or click here for detailed information.

  • Take the Twelve Steps of Recovery with Wally P. using the Back to Basics-101 DVD.

Let Wally P. guide you through the Twelve Steps during this 75 minute, life-changing DVD. Filmed in High Definition at the Arizona Public Media studios in Tucson, AZ, this is a state-of-the-art production that is both instructive and enlightening.

This is a DVD for newcomers and old-timers alike. You can watch it in its entirety or divide it into three segments: Surrender (Steps 1, 2 and 3); Sharing and Amends (Steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9); and Guidance (Steps 10, 11 and 12). 

The accompanying CD contains twenty-four pages of PDF presentation materials for facilitators and handouts for participants. Here is everything you need to take or take others through the Steps "quickly and often." 

This DVD has proven to be a life-saver for those having difficulty finding someone to take them through the Twelve Steps the way they were taken when we had a 50-75% recovery rate. Just follow the instructions on the DVD and let Wally be your "temporary sponsor." 

As is the case with other Back to Basics materials, Wally P. receives no income form the sale of this DVD. Wally considers this to be part of his Twelfth Step work for which he cannot be paid. 

On sale for just $65 plus shipping and handling!

To learn more, click here for DOC format or click here for PDF format..

  • Back to Basics at Richmond, Virginia Correctional Facilities

For more than ten years, the Back to Basics A.A. Beginners Meetings have been dramatically lowering the recidivism rate at various correctional facilities in the Richmond, Virginia area.  We are now making the one-hour DVD of this life-changing program, recorded on October 27-28, 2002, available on YouTube.   During this DVD, Wally P. and others interviewed the sheriff, mental health director, corrections officers, male and female participants, and alumni of the program.  From these interviews you can see for yourself why the Beginners Meetings are making such a difference in the lives of so many people who are incarcerated.

In addition, we have made PDF versions of the four newspaper articles written during this period of time about the success of the Back to Basics A.A. Beginners Meetings behind the walls. To view the one-hour DVD (coming soon) and to view/download/copy the four newspaper articles and an overview of the Back to Basics program in Richmond VA, click here. To go directly to our YouTube Channel and view the files just click here.

We thank you for your interest in our life-saving Back to Basics A.A. seminars.
If you would like Wally or one of his protege's to conduct a Basics A.A. Seminar in your area, please click on
How to Host a Back to Basics Workshop and then contact Shawn S. at: 520-297-9348.

To read and/or download these articles, click here.

  • James H., the last link to the spiritual roots of the A.A. program, passed away in 2006 at 100 years of age and 71 years sober. Just like Bill W. and Dr. Bob, he was a member of both the Oxford Group and Alcoholics Anonymous.

James H. DVD's are still available

James H. Tells His Story About Early A. A.

The James H. Q+A

Information Interesting Internal Links
  • We have now added a Priority U.S. mail, Canada mail and Overseas, including Central & South America mail shopping carts for orders of 1-42 Back to Basics books and Back to Basics books plus B2B Meeting Leader Guide packages, and Donations for an easy way to support AA Back to Basics and the Faith With Works Foundation.
  • James H. and "Back to Basics" Featured in 9/27/04 Time Magazine
    To read the article online at time.com, click here.
  • Back to Basics Meeting Leader Guides
    • Original 1946 Format (for 12-Step Meetings)
    • Back to the Basics of Recovery - Modified Format (for Treatment Centers, Recovery Homes, and Aftercare Facilities)
    • De Regreso al Libro Grande~MLGuide-Spanish Edition (for 12-Step Meetings)
  • Information Index
    Sections on AA history, Back to Basics Newspaper Articles and Testimonials, Back to Basics Meeting Formats, Dr. Bob's Archives, Contact Forms, and More
  • Back to the Basics of Sponsorship
    The Back to the Basics of Sponsorship seminar held on Sept. 30, 2006 in Atlanta, GA was a total and complete success. So much new material was presented on how A.A.'s sponsored newcomers in the 1940's (when the recovery rate was 50-75%) that the seminar will be used as the basis for Wally P's new book. We expect to publish Back to the Basics of Sponsorship by Feb. 2007. After Wally finishes his seminar commitments in November, 2006, he will post additional material presented at the Atlanta seminar.

  • Information on the Back to Basics Programs
    Take all Twelve Steps in four one-hour sessions..

  • For Information on how to use the Fourth Step Assets and Liabilities Checklist, click here
    Yes, the Back to Basics Assets and Liabilities Checklist is taken directly from the "Big Book." You just have to know where to look.

  • Assistance Available
    Sources of assistance available, both online and off. Schedules of upcoming Back to Basics Seminars, etc.

News & Articles

  • Misinformation about James H. on the Internet
    On March 20, 2006, we received a fax from a Bill K. (no return address or telephone number) that contained an Internet posting with the following misinformation about James H. Click here for more information
  • And Then There Were None.
    James H., the last link to the spiritual roots and the early days of A.A., passed away on July 30, 2006. He was 100 years old and had 71 years of continuous sobriety. We will miss you, "Sir James."
    To read about the August 19, 2006 memorial service for and photographic tributes to this remarkable man, click here.

  • Back to Basics article in the Glen Ellen, IL AA Newsletter
  • Back to Basics in New Zealand
    A letter from the "front lines" (dated 7/19/04)
  • The Back to Basics Foundation is now a 501 (C) (3) publicly supported, not-for-profit organization.
    All contributions are fully tax deductible. For more information click here

  • What Has Happened . . .?
    Cliff B. Article from the Front Lines--An Alcoholics Anonymous Call to Action to read the entire article, please click here

  • How to Change the World
    Read what the French theologian Auguste Gratry (1505-1572)
    had to say on the subject.
    click here for English version
    Oprima aqui para la version en Español
  • James H. (99 yrs old / 70 yrs sober) Sobriety date 12/12/34--1 day after Bill W. and 6 months before Dr. Bob
    Learn how you can help James carry his life-saving message to the world for information, click here

  • The History of AA Videos
    These three professionally recorded, one-hour, digital videotapes are the culmination of ten years of research, hundreds of interviews with Twelve-Step program pioneers and old-timers, numerous archival presentations throughout the United States and Canada

Wally P. has no royalty arrangement with Faith With Works Publishing Company and receives NO income from the Back to Basics book. He insists that Back to Basics is Twelfth Step work for which no member of A. A. should be paid. So that every person, both inside and outside the recovery community, will know Wally's position on this matter, he has added the following statement to the "Acknowledgments" page of every Back to Basics book:

"Authors note: I do not believe in 'making money out of A.A.' Any proceeds from this book, after out of pocket expenses are met, will be used to distribute books at no cost to individuals and groups who cannot afford to buy them."

Tradition 5. Each group has but one primary purpose-to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

After receiving notification from the General Service Office about our mission statement, the Board of Directors of the Back to Basics Foundation met in a special session and voted to change the wording of the statement so it would be in compliance with the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Board also voted to move all materials pertaining to other Twelve Step programs to separate web sites, so there would be no confusion about the primary purpose of the Back to Basics Foundation.

We ask for your patience in this matter because, at the present time, we have no means to accomplish this objective. We have no paid employees, and continue to operate with a negative cash flow. If it is God's will, there will be sufficient individual donations to make the wishes of the Board of Directors a reality.

The Back to Basics Foundation is a 501 (C) 3, not-for-profit Corporation dedicated to saving the lives of alcoholics. Our modified mission statement is listed below.

For more information, please click here.

Mission Statement - Who We Are

The Back to Basics Foundation is dedicated to saving the lives of alcoholics by showing them the sheer simplicity of the "original" A.A. program of recovery and by guiding them through the Twelve Steps as they were taken by many of the A.A. pioneers in the 1940's. During this period of time, the A.A. recovery rate from alcoholism was 50-75%. We are seeing similar results today for those who are willing to remain involved with the Back to Basics A. A. Beginners' meetings for three to six months.

We accomplish our objective by coordinating the recovery efforts of the numerous Back to Basics A.A. Beginners' meetings and groups, answering questions as they arise, following up on Twelfth Step calls, and assisting groups with their registration at the local, area, and General Service Offices. We also conduct one day and weekend seminars based on the Back to Basics A.A. program and distribute recovery literature and other materials on the A.A. Beginners' meetings.

Links to other websites

Links from these pages to other websites outside the domain of aabacktobasics.org do not constitute an endorsement by this website or the Back to Basics Foundation. The Back to Basics Foundation is not responsible for nor does it control or monitor the content of those websites or the accuracy of the information found therein. The Back to Basics Foundation is not affiliated with any of those sites.

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