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These are the twelve articles Wally P. wrote for the Recovery Today newspaper in 2008.

 Article Number One--January 2008--Step One 

Article Number Two--February 2008--Step Two 

Article Number Three--March 2008--Step Three 

Article Number Four--April 2008--Step Four-Assets and Liability Checklist 

Article Number Five--May 2008--Step Four 

Article Number Six--June 2008--Step Five 

Article Number Seven--July 2008--Steps Six and Seven 

Article Number Eight--August 2008--Steps Eight and Nine 

Article Number Nine--September 2008--Step Ten 

Article Number Ten--October 2008--Step Eleven-How to Listen to God 

Article Number Eleven--November 2008--Step Eleven 

Article Number Twelve--December 2008--Step Twelve

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