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How To Listen To God - The Book


In this book, the author describes his four years with James H., a 99 year old member of the Oxford Group.  James is the last living link to the spiritual roots of the Twelve Step Movement. 

Since 1996, James H. and Wally P. have taken thousands of people through the Four Steps of Surrender, Sharing, Restitution and Guidance to free them from the bondage of obsession and self-destructive behavior by establishing and maintaining a two-way communication with the "God who speaks."  In addition, they have shown over one hundred thousand people how to practice two-way prayer as described in the simple, four-page pamphlet titled How to Listen to God.

Three hundred twenty pages including photographs and step-by step instructions.


  1. The Journey Begins  

  2. The Challenge  

  3. More is Revealed

  4. Putting the Pieces Together 

  5. God Speaks!

  6. The Four Standards

  7. Step One: Surrender

  8. Step Two: Sharing

  9. Step Three: Restitution

  10. Step Four: Guidance

  11. Continuance (The Five C’s of Life Changing)

  12. The Journey Continues

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