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Back to Basics Assistance Information

Workshops & Seminars

Information on upcoming and past Back to Basics Seminars, plus details and contact info on how to host a Back to Basics seminar

Weekly Meetings

A Small Number of the Back to Basics Meetings and Groups. Meetings now in over 40 states and Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa & Panama!

Half-Way Houses, Recovery Homes and Aftercare Facilities

Back to Basics has been incorporated into many recovery programs throughout the United States.  If you are looking for a facility that believes in the Back to Basics approach to recovery, either for yourself of someone you love, please consider the following institutions:

Treatment Centers


Send us your story of how Back to Basics has changed your life. Sharing your story could save the life of someone else!

Sharing Partners

We need your help. We are receiving more requests for sharing partners than we can handle. If you'd like to be of service someone who is just starting out on the spiritual journey of two-way prayer, please add your name to the sharing partner list. You just might help change a life or two.

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Links to Other AA and AA Related Websites

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