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Misinformation about James H. on the Internet

On March 20, 2006, we received a fax from a Bill K. (no return address or telephone number) that contained an Internet posting with the following misinformation about James H.

James H., a nonalcoholic Oxford Group member in Frederick, Maryland, stated that Bill W. went to many Oxford Group meetings at the Francis Scott Key Hotel in Frederick . . . .

This, of course is incorrect.  Anyone who knows James or has heard his story is well aware that he is a recovered alcoholic and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I do hope someone can direct us to the source of this misinformation so we can submit the necessary request for a correction.   Or, hopefully, there is someone  in the recovery community who knows where this came from and can "set right the wrong" for us.

There are some who have been trying to discredit this remarkable man who is truly a spiritual giant and one of the greatest life-changers of the past century.  We do hope these people will cease practicing "contempt prior to investigation."  

Please get to know James either by calling him or viewing his DVD's.  Contact us at 520-297-9348 and we will be glad to provide you with his phone number.  Because of his age, he doesn't leave his retirement home very often.  Today, many A.A.'s bring meetings to him in his apartment, and he continues to be of service to the A.A. community via the telephone. 

On May 6th we received the following information:

Dear Wally,I have located the source of the James H. misinformation piece, "a nonalcoholic member of the Oxford Group."It appears the author's name is Ray R who lives in Florida and was edited for the internet by his sponsee,Bill C.If you go to
www.recoveryresources.org you can read their story in its entirety and it contains email addresses and phone numbers if you wish to communicate with them.Godspeed,Mark


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