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James H.  70 Years of Life-saving Work

James H. was one of the greatest life-changers of the past 100 years.  On September 24, 2004, Time magazine published an article on him.  (Wally P. reviewed the article to insure there  were no Traditions violations.)

If you know anyone who can help get the James H. story out to the world, please let us know.  You can contact Wally P. at wallyp@theriver.com for a packet of James H. informational materials.  Because of his age (over 99 years old), we are "pulling out all the stops" to help carry the James H. message.

James gave an inspirational and stimulating "lead" at the Back to Basics seminar in Troy MI on June 21, 2003.  For a copy of his talk on "The Spiritual Roots of AA," contact Serenity Tapes at 248 879-8881 or 248-586-0241

Ethics Program for America's School Children

 James H. is responsible for creating and implementing a highly successful ethics program within the Baltimore, MD school system.  He initiated this life-changing "plan of action," which is based on the Rotary four-way test, when he was 92 years of age.  In 1997, James received a commendation from the Baltimore superintendent of schools and in 2001 he was presented with the Rotary "Service above Self" award.

Last year, Wally P. spent two days professionally videotaping the students, parents, faculty and staff at the Sparks Elementary School as  they practiced the James Houck ethics program.  The objective was to make a twenty minute ethics program documentary available to school systems throughout the country.

The Back to Basics Foundation needs approximately $3,000 in order to complete this project.  Since the video footage has been shot, all that is left to do is edit the footage, splice in some still photos, and add the voiceover commentary.

If you would like to contribute to this worthy and worthwhile effort to bring ethics back into the school systems and change the lives of countless school children, please contact Wally at 520-297-9348

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