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2003 - A Year of Signs and Wonder
An update on Wally P.'s health

Some of you have yet to learn of the extent of the miracles, others the seriousness of my illness, so I am summarizing this year's events with respect to my health.

I was hospitalized at the Tucson VA Medical Center with my seventh bowel obstruction in 18 months.  Exploratory surgery revealed cancerous lymph nodes in the area of my small intestine.  A biopsy of the largest node showed B-cell, follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  The prognosis was that the cancer loading was either Stage 3 or 4, incurable and terminal.  The VA oncologist recommended chemotherapy starting in June.


Three days before I was to start chemotherapy, I received guidance at 2 am while taking a walk.  "The Voice" said, "Do not let the doctors poison you.  You were poisoned in Vietnam.  Seek out non-toxic therapy for the damage caused by Agent Orange."  I reported my guidance to my VA oncologist.  He took me off the chemotherapy list, but he also wrote me up as a "non-cooperative patient."  


The U.S. government concluded that my lymphoma was probably caused by Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam and awarded me a 100% service related disability.  


During a morning quiet time, "the Voice" said, "Donate your body to science." I went online and found several clinical trials that were developing a vaccine that could potentially be a cure for NHL.  I applied to each of the organizations that was hosting a trial and was accepted by the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland for their Phase III lymphoma vaccine study.  What I learned from my search for a trial was that each of them had a prerequisite of either Stage 2 or 3 NHL with no prior chemotherapy.  If I had started chemotherapy in June, I would never have been accepted by the NCI or by anyone else for a vaccine study.  


I traveled to Bethesda, Maryland to undergo a thorough physical exam prior to enrollment in the trial.  As soon as the oncologists completed their poking, probing and review of my prior medical records, they told me I was being "washed out" of the study.   They said I didn't have enough cancer for them to work on.  They said my cancer loading was no longer a Stage 3 or 4 but rather a Stage 1.  Again, if I had undergone chemotherapy in June, I would never have received the "good news" from the NCI in October.


I applied to and was accepted by the Integrative Medicine Program at the University of Arizona to evaluate a combination of Chinese mushrooms to boost my immune system in an attempt to keep my cancer loading at Stage 1 for as long as possible.  I am to eat only organic foods and maintain a vegetarian lifestyle while on the program.  The goal of the evaluation is to determine how long I can live without needing "conventional" treatment.  Here's God at work, one more time.  For this trial, the doctors were only accepting people who were already living a relatively healthy lifestyle and did not use either alcohol or nicotine.  Being clean and sober for 15 years certainly helped my case.

I maintain that my cancer loading went from Stage 3 or 4 to Stage 1 by the direct intervention of the "Great Healer."  I am grateful "the Voice" showed me the precise path to follow.  I thank the thousands of you who have been concerned and have been praying for me this past year.  I believe my "spontaneous remission" is the direct result of your prayers.  I ask that you continue to pray for me, because the cancer is not gone, it's only "hiding".

It would appear that God still has work for me to do.  I will continue to listen to the "One who has all power" and continue to follow the Divine guidance I receive.  

Wally P.

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