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These Meeting Leader Guides contain everything you need to take people through the Twelve Steps as they were taken by the Twelve Step pioneers.  This "original" meeting format produced a 50-75% recovery rate during the "early days." We are seeing similar recovery rates today for those willing to remain involved with the Beginners' Meetings for 90-180 days.

The guides can be used during Twelve Step meetings, at half-way houses and recovery homes, within correctional facilities, or around the kitchen table.  They contain the format for conducting the four one-hour sessions, including the appropriate "Big Book" passages for each Step; notes to the meeting leaders; and masters of the handouts that can be copied and given to each person in attendance.

To date, the Back to Basics Beginners' Meetings have changed several hundred thousand lives.  Leading these meetings provides you with a monumental opportunity to take people to the solution and watch them recover right before your very eyes.



B2B Meeting Leader Guide - Original 1946 Format

Back to the Basics of Recovery Meeting Leader Guide - Modified Format

De Regreso al Libro Grande
 Meeting Leader Guide-Spanish Edition

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