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James H - A Tribute


Picture removed per AA rules(picture removed per AA rules and guidelines) 

On July 30, 2006, JAMES H. passed away.

On Saturday August 19 at 11 AM, a memorial service was celebrated at the Towson United Methodist Church, 501 Hampton Lane, Towson, MD 21204  The event was be videotaped and DVD's of the service was available on Monday, August 21st.  Ordering information for the DVD's will be posted at that time.

After the service, lunch was served at the Timonium Methodist Church, located at 2300 Pot Spring Road, Timonium, MD  21093

A photographic collage of James' life is available through www.mem.com.  Type in James H. and follow the directions at the James H. page.

The photographic tribute to James presented at his 100th birthday can viewed at or downloaded from www.odysseyaudiomedia.com.

n addition, there was a tribute to James H.--the last link to the spiritual roots and the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous--at the Back to Basics Seminar in Rockville, MD on September 16, 2006.  James was originally scheduled to "tell his story" at this event.  As a tribute to this remarkable man and his dedication to the recovery community, we will present DVD footage and personal testimonials of James' life-saving efforts.

In addition, James H. III provided us with his personal recollections about his grandfather.  James H. III started attending A.A. meetings with James H. Sr. in the early 1980's

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