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A.A. Then and Now

For the past several years, Wally P. has been conducting seminars on the success of the Beginners' Meetings during the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous.  He has used a series of schematics to emphasize his findings and conclusions.  Now, he has made these pictorial representations available for anyone in the fellowship to view and comment on.

Time permitting, Wally will eventually post his entire presentation.


To learn more about the events leading up to and following the foundation of A. A., please watch and enjoy "The History of Alcoholics Anonymous"

Ideal for Twelve-Step Groups, Treatment Centers, Correctional Facilities, Aftercare Programs, as well as anyone interested in the history of "The Greatest Spiritual Movement of the Twentieth Century."

DVD I - The Miraculous Journey contains: AA's Ancestors, AA's Four Founding Moments, How the Big Book was Written, and Early Publicity.

DVD II - AA in the 1940's - Why it Worked contains: AA's Meeting Formats, The Beginners' Meetings, Sponsorship, 4th Step Inventory, 11th Step Prayer and Meditation, and 12th Step Working with Others.

DVD III - AA Pioneer Stories and Unsung Heroes contains: Joe-Look Magazine 1945; Unsung Heroes Anne Smith and Sister Ignatia; Pioneer Stories of Rollie Hemsley, Fitz M, and Jimmy B; The Springfield Seven; Judge John T; and more about the co-founders Bill W (The Visionary) and Dr. Bob S. (Keep it Simple).

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