Back to Basics Workshops

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Take the twelve steps as they were taken by many of the AA pioneers

Back to Basics Teams conduct One Day Back to Basics Seminars throughout the United States and Canada (as well as overseas).  They take attendees through all Twelve Steps in four one-hour sessions.  These life-changing events provide everyone with the opportunity to witness the miracles that occur when people practice Dr. Bob's "Keep it Simple" approach to recovery.

If you are planning a Back to Basics event, notify us of the Location, Date, and Time and Fax or E-mail us a flyer so we can post it on the "Upcoming Back to Basics Workshops" web page.  In addition, we will send flyers to all of the Back to Basics supporters in your area.

For more information or copies of flyers for these Back to Basics Workshops and Conferences, please contact Wally P. at:

Faith with Works Publishing Company
P.O. Box 91648
Tucson, AZ 85752-1648

FAX: (520) 297-7230