B2B for Cocaine Addicts in Recovery

Of the one hundred thousand recoveries that can be directly attributed to the Back to Basics Beginners' Meetings, we estimate that approximately thirty thousand are addicts whose drug of choice is Cocaine.  Due to the unprecedented success of the Back to Basics "design for living," we have had numerous requests to distribute a Meeting Leader Guide that can be used by cocaine addicts who want to start their own meetings and experience the miracle of recovery that occurs as the result of taking the Twelve Steps in four one-hour sessions.  

In the past, Back to Basics Group leaders have taken it upon themselves to modify the Meeting Leader Guide so that the cocaine addict would be able to more readily identify  with Steps of the Back to Basics Recovery Program.  Now a Meeting Leader Guide specifically designed for the cocaine addict has been developed, critiqued, and tested throughout the United States.   We are pleased to announce that this Meeting Leader Guide is now available for sale.

The manual is titled Meeting Leader Guide for Cocaine Addicts in Recovery.  It can be used by anyone interested in saving lives by utilizing the time tested and proven Beginners' Meeting format to  help cocaine addicts recover from addiction.  

The manual  consists of the four one-hour sessions plus masters of the eight handouts that are used to rocket the newcomer "into a fourth dimension of existence."

Order the Meeting Leader Guide for Cocaine Addicts in Recovery now!