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The Living Sober (AA) Group First to Incorporate all Four Back to Basics Meeting Formats

Now at the East Brainerd Club
8115 E Brainerd Road, Suite # 17
Chattanooga, TN  37421

Back to Basics
is more than Beginners' Meetings

The primary objective of Back to Basics is to provide the recovery community with meeting formats that are historically accurate and replicate those used in the 1940' and 1950's when A.A. experienced a 50-75% recovery rate from alcoholism.  After many years of research and numerous old-timer interviews, we reintroduced the Beginners' Meetings in 1997.  In five years, these meetings have changed the lives of more than one hundred thousand individuals suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and/or obsessive/compulsive disorders. 

But, Back to Basics is more than Beginners' Meetings.  It is a complete program of recovery that includes, Closed Discussion Meetings ("Big Book" Studies), Guidance Meetings (a carryover from the Oxford Group Meetings of the 1930's), and Open Speaker Meetings (based on the 10/10/40 format).  These meetings provide a safe, structured environment in which participants study the Twelve Step "design for living," practice the spiritual principles upon which "original" program was based, and experience the "psychic change" sufficient to recover from their addictions and afflictions. 

Presently, the Back to Basics program consists of four meeting formats from the 1940's: 

Friday:  8:00--9:30 pm
Beginners' Meeting:  In these four one-hour sessions, newcomers TAKE all Twelve Steps and experience the miracle of recovery.

Thursday:  8:00—9:30 pm
Closed Discussion Meeting:
  These are "Big Book" studies during which attendees talk over, in detail, the passages from the "Big Book" that are used to conduct the Beginners' Meetings.  These discussions help solidify the newcomer's spiritual awakening and expand his or her knowledge of the "basic text" for recovery.

Sunday:  7:00—8:00 pm
Eleventh Step "Guidance" Meeting: 
In these meetings, participants practice "prayer and meditation."   They get quiet, listen to the "One who has all power," write down what they hear, and then share their written guidance with the other members of the Group.

Saturday:  8:00—9:00 pm
Open Speaker Meeting (10/10/40 Format):
  These meetings provide those who have had their lives changed by the Twelve Steps with the opportunity to share "what it was like" (10 minutes), "what happened" (10 minutes), and "what is like now" (40 minutes). 

Join us for the Back to Basics series of meetings held every week at the East Brainerd Club. 

For more information, contact Martha L. (432) 320-9909

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